Company Profile

Company Profile

JUTESAN ALUMINIUM PROFILE INC. is on its way to becoming Turkey's leading Aluminium profile supplier exporting to 58 countries around the world. In 2005, Jutesan Aluminium entered the Turkish Aluminium industry; with its continuously developed technologies, quality innovative designs and the trust it gives to its customers, it has managed to become Turkey's leading Aluminium profile designer and manufacturer in a short time.

Jutesan Aluminium, the name of Precision Profile in Turkey and the world, exports 60% of the profiles it produces to many parts of the world, especially Europe and America. With the quality, stability and trust it add on top of its experience in the sector and the international market, it sprovides services to a continously growing customer portfolio.

Jutesan Aluminium, which has the state-of-the-art anodizing and extrusion facility in Turkey and in the world, produces profiles that are decorative and visual as well as functional.

JUTESAN ALUMINIUM PROFILE CO., which has the capacity to meet all the needs of the Aluminium market, manufactures in its facility located in Tekirdag - Ergene on a total area of 20.000 m², 15.000 m² of which is closed, with its high-level extrusion lines, anodizing facility and expert staff in manufacturing.

●            Extrusion press lines

●            Mold Workshop

●            anodizing line

●            Electrostatic paint line

●            mechanical process unit

●            R&D

●            Total quality control


It consists of fully integrated systems that carry out production which is human and environmental health conscious, with all its other units, especially its units listed above.

The facility, where production is carried out with state-of-the-art technology systems, has 4 extrusion lines with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons, an anodizing line with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons and a chemical anodizing unit with an annual capacity of 3,000 tons. In the fully integrated facility, matt, acidic matt, mechanical shine, chemical shine anodizing processes and anodizing processes in white, yellow, bronze, brown, inox and black colors are performed.

Jutesan Aluminium, which produces low tolerance profiles as well as large-sized profiles, designs and produces aesthetic visual decorative profiles that are customer demand specific.

One of the biggest factors in its success is that the R&D department develops new products that constantly follow consumer and market needs.

With its strong international trade connections, experienced and dynamic marketing team, the company successfully serves every province in Turkey and the world market.

In addition to its environmentalist and innovative designs, JUTESAN ALUMINIUM PROFILE INC., which certifies its quality with its quality system studies, produces in accordance with Turkish and World standards. It has QUALICOAT for static powder coating applications and QUALANOD for anodizing applications. It is certified with TUV Rheinland, ISO 9001 and TSE certificates and also has technological business partnerships with important manufacturers in Europe and America.


Year of Establishment


Production Location

Fully integrated facility established in Tekirdag - Ergene on a total area of 20.000 m², of which 15.000 m² is closed.

Number of Employees


Field of Activity

Aluminium extrusion profiles, products made of Aluminium profile subjected to mechanical processing.

Aluminium Profile Production

15.000 tons/year

Profiles Produced

●            Industrial profiles

●            Lighting profiles

●            Led lighting profiles

●            Furniture accessory profiles

●            Rail cabinet profiles

●            Interior design profiles

●            Shower cabin profiles

●            Advertising Frame profiles

●            Joinery, doors, windows, construction profiles

●            Pipe, box, U, Lama, and T profiles

●            Stairs profiles

●            Gauge profiles

●            Windowsill profiles

●            Grille profiles

●            Handrail profiles

●            Carpet parquet transition profiles

●            Tile mould profiles

●            Sunshade back roof profiles

●            Roller blind profiles

●            Standard and special profiles

●            Doorscreen/windowscreen profiles

Export Countries

58 (Europe, North America, Middle East, North Africa)




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