Vision & Mission

Our Mission

It aims to grow efficiently, profitably and sustainably by valuing people and human health, adopting quality as a philosophy of life, with its experience in the sector, the collaborations it continues to develop and its commitment to change.

To be the first choice of its customers and employees with its product range, solutions and high business ethics.

To work harder to meet your expectations by prioritizing the continuity of quality in high standard products and customer satisfaction.

It continues to serve as a leader in the sector with its continuously developed technological infrastructure and solution partner identity in line with the new and inevitable realities brought by the information age.

To try to meet consumer expectations at the highest level with its wide range of products by giving the right quality-price rate to be able to increase the competitiveness of its customers with quality innovative designs and value-added products.

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by realizing the promotion and marketing of profiles in domestic and foreign markets with a customer-oriented approach.

To ensure the highest level of employee loyalty and satisfaction through innovative human resources and a learning organization culture, with the awareness that competent employees will be the driving force in competition.

To protect the environment and natural resources with social responsibility awareness, to attach importance to ethical values, and to contribute to the social and economic development of the society.

Our Vision

To be your solution partner in all your profile needs with its Aluminium Profile Supplier identity.

To strengthen the hand of business partners by trying to produce high-quality low-priced products.

To bring Turkish Aluminium Profiles with high quality, innovative and different products to consumers all over the world as well as in Turkey.

To become the leading company in the Aluminium industry by continuing its healthy growth.

To be the most exporting domestic Aluminium profile manufacturer and to be the most admired and preferred brand in the sector.

To be a world brand that leaves its mark in every area where Aluminium profiles come to life.

Our Values


●            Topluma, çevreye ve paydaşlarına karşı sorumlu,

●            Virtuous, honest and hardworking,

●            Respect for people and future generations,

●            Based on trust in human relations,

●            Embracing common sense,

●            Cares and develops its employees,

●            Fair to and trusting of its employees,

●            Providing innovative solutions that can be implemented,

●            Always open to innovation,

●            Continuous self-improvement,

●            Customer and consumer oriented,

●            Value knowledge,

●            Keeping pace with change,

●            Emphasizing integrity and continuity in quality,

●            Determination to succeed,

●            Professional and dynamic team,

●            Ethical and principled management,

●            Aiming for sustainable growth,


it is a respected institution.


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